Be proactive! If you are looking with another person go to the viewing together to save time.  Apply immediately and make payment to secure your tenancy.

Send in all of the required documents ASAP.

It is possible for us to process a completed application within 2 days if everything’s in order. 


    • One month rent in advance
    • One month rent as deposit
    • Photographic identification
    • Proof of address
    • Up to 3 months bank statements
    • Proof of employment
    • A reference from previous landlord
    • Possibly a guarantor

Once we have all the required documentation, you will need to pay your property deposit which will be made clear on the property advert, seen before you arranged your viewing.  

You can bring documentation to us in person or send to our office email enquiries@sherrattonline.co.uk. We will store/delete your details in line with standard GDPR procedures.

The equivalent of one months rent.

Yes! It is paid in to the government backed scheme ‘Deposit protection scheme’ We do not hold deposits ourselves. 

Between 2-7 days depending on how quickly you provide the required documents. 

We need a reference from your current landlord.

Rent is to be paid monthly on your arranged due date to the following bank account:

Sherratt Properties

Lloyds Banks

Sort-code 30-96-18

Account number 40216560

Within 4 weeks of you vacating the property but usually a lot quicker.

We have a 24 hour emergency contact number for real emergencies and a dedicated online system for all else. Simply fill in a form and we will contact you to confirm our visit.

It is the contract that you sign between you and the landlord which outlines the terms and conditions of your tenancy. It is a legally binding document that describes the landlords and tenants obligations in full.

You may need one if you are under 21, not in full time employment or on a low income. A guarantor is someone who signs a legally binding document that states that they are liable for any unpaid rent by the tenant. 


An emergency is a serious, urgent or dangerous situation which if not acted upon immediately can cause further damage to the property or harm to tenants.

Please use the relevant emergency services:

  • If you smell gas, phone the National Gas Emergency Number 24hr a day on 0800 111 999.You can read more information of gas emergencies at https://www.sgn.co.uk/help-and-advice/keeping-gas-safe/gas-safety.
  • If you are under threat, witnessing a crime, in immediate danger, or there is a risk of serious damage to property please call the police available 24 hours a day on 999. 

In the event of a serious fire, call the Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service available 24 hours a day on 999. You can read more information and read the Property Fire Survival Guide at https://www.notts-fire.gov.uk/in-an-emergency

If you have an absolute emergency that cannot wait until normal office hours, please call 07739854248.

Emergencies consists of the following: 

  1. A boiler failure during the winter outside of normal office hours. 
  2. A smashed window or similar
  3. A flood or severe water leak. 

Tenants living in house shares need to be extremely considerate and tolerant of fellow housemates.

Noise needs to be kept to a minimum, especially after 10pm.

Personal belongings should be stored in bedrooms wherever possible.

The kitchen and all communal areas should be left clean and tidy after usage.

Bins should be emptied regularly and kept tidy.

Smoking is strictly not permitted inside the house.

The occasional overnight guest is permitted if the other housemates are in agreement.

Electric haters are strictly forbidden due to health and safety regulations.

Heating and hot water should be used sensibly.

We advise that you contact us in writing to explain the circumstances. Your landlord may be willing to be lenient if we can show evidence of commitment to pay. 

You can but you are liable for the rent, for the full duration of the tenancy. 

This depends upon where you live-each house share is different.

Some house shares are fully inclusive of all bills. Some require tenants to pay some or all of the bills themselves. Tenants usually fully establish this prior to a viewing as it is is a very important detail. It is always clearly stated on your tenancy agreement.

Yes! As long as your rent is up to date, the tenancy has gone well and the landlord is still renting the property out. 

Not within your agreed time frame. 

In most cases Sherratt Properties has authority to use our own staff to help with all maintenance issues.

Any changes must be proposed in writing so we can ask your landlord. Most reasonable requests are granted. 

Not in house shares. Pets are often allowed in houses but would need to be authorised by your landlord. 

Broadband internet is included in the rent in most of our houseshares. 

This must be done in writing, at least one month before you wish to leave. For exact procedures it is best to contact us for specific advise on dates etc and we will be happy to advise. 

Tenants are responsible for keeping the interior and exterior tidy. 

You would need to contact us to arrange a free replacement. 

We usually conduct these every 3-6 months. We conduct a thorough inspection of communal areas and report any maintenance issues to the landlord. 

They are permitted to do so but must give at least 24 hours notice to you beforehand. However it is rare that they visit personally; we usually visit on their behalf.