Terms and Conditions

1               Before the tenancy
1.1         Inspection
1.2         Marketing and viewing
2               Collecting and banking any Deposit
2.1         Preparing the tenancy agreement and arranging for signature by the tenants
3               During the tenancy
3.1         Incoming inspection and inventory (only advisable in non shared accommodation)
3.2         Liaising with tenants and dealing with tradesmen e.g. cleaners and emergency maintenance
3.3         Collecting and banking Rent and accounting to landlord
3.4         Dealing with service providers e.g. telephone, gas, electricity, water
4               Breach of the agreement
4.1         Service of notices
5               Tenancy renewal
5.1         Service of notices (notices of rent increase, notices to quit etc)
6               After the tenancy
6.1         Outgoing inspection and inventory (if applicable)
6.2         Repayment of any deposit
6.3         Arranging for cleaning and maintenance
Full Terms and conditions available on request.